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مرحبا بكم في AFRIFF
مهرجان افريقيا السينمائي الدوليل

مدينة إيكو للطاقة ، ليكي ، لاغوس ، نيجيريا 
06-12 نوفمبر 2022


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From Sunday 12 November 2023






From AFRIFF 2022 to AFRIFF 2023

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The Africa International Film Festival in 2023 
AFRIFF is an international film showcase that presents an immersion into the world of filmmaking, with participation from all over Africa and the diaspora. AFRIFF is positioned as the largest annual appointment for African filmmakers in the region, celebrating the best African films and stories for 11 years and counting. 

AFRIFF 12 is a deliberate intervention to foster valuable exchanges of ideas, production connections and business relationships that deliver value, build capacity and create wealth. It has leveraged its networks to attain strategic relevance in the African screen sector which, has catalyzed the demand from local and international film stakeholders for AFRIFF to lead in the identification of sector specific deficiencies, and in the implementation of evidence-based interventions across the continent.





Announcing  AFRIFF 2023 Official Selection 


AFRIFF 2023 Official Selection is finally public. Thousands of films in different formats have been submitted. Filmmakers from over 150 countries submitted their narrative features, short films, animations, documentaries to AFRIF with the hope that their films will be screened at the festival and ultimately win at the Globe Awards on November 11, 2023. Please check the full list here or click the red button below.  AFRIFF Screening Program will be unveiled next week. 

Read the full list  here 

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Sam Dede and Wigwe University @ AFRIFF 2023 

Nigerian acting powerhouse, Mr. Sam Dede, a native of Rivers State is joining AFRIFF 2023, as a speaker in the Industry Program but also as a special guest for 3 Masterclasses and Workshops. AFRIFF 2023 Masterclass eligible participants will have the opportunity to interact with the Nollywood acting legend at the following classes: 

  1. Ronya Acting Workshop 

  2. Jeremy Zimmermann Acting Masterclass 

  3. The Animation Workshop 

He will share with the audience his experience in Nollywood but also his work with Wigwe University. 

WIGWE University whose founder, Mr. Herbert Wigwe, will speak at AFRIFF on Day 2, November 6, 2023, is supporting AFRIFF's efforts in enhancing the creative side of young and mature African filmmakers. 

WIGWE University will provide refreshments and educative gifts for AFRIFF Masterclass participants for the duration of the festival. 

Chioma Ude on Arise 360 

AFRIFF Founder, Chioma Ude sat today with Kachi Affiah, on her show Arise 360 to discuss the upcoming 12th edition of the African International Film Festival.  AFRIFF is set to take place from November 5 to 11 at the Landmark Centre in Lagos. With the theme “Indigenous 2.0 Global,” the festival aims to emphasize the importance of authenticity in connecting with a global audience. AFRIFF founder, Chioma Ude, highlighted the potential for creatives to earn more globally but emphasised the need for upskilling to become global players. The festival will include training sessions covering various aspects of filmmaking, makeup, art designing, and more. She said: “If you don’t think global, you won’t go global. This edition of the festival stands out due to the heavy emphasis on our films leaving a mark on the global stage.

Watch the entire video here


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العروض والسينما الإلكترونية

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العروض والسينما الإلكترونية

التجربة والاستكشاف 

المحادثات والجلسات

يشرب والقيمة

دروس الماجستير وورش العمل 

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