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AFRIFF Masterclass 

Masterclasses  Registration Process & Rules 

Step 1: Check the list of masterclasses and workshop listed below 

Step 2: Select which one you want to attend 

Step 3: Make sure that you have already completed your general registration. Upload a snapshot of your general registration confirmation message 

Step 4: Proceed with the Masterclass registration 

Step 5: Make sure that you select masterclasses or workshop you can attend from start to finish and add its reference in the registration form.

Do not double book masterclasses or book masterclasses or workshops that are running at the same time. Each registrant is allowed up to 1 masterclasses. Given the high number of registrants, it will be on a first come, first served basis. If we reached the masterclass quota, you will be put on a waiting list. If you are not removed from the waiting list and given a seat, 6 hours before the scheduled start of the masterclass/workshop, then,  you should consider that you will not be admitted. 

Step 6: Click the submit button to complete your masterclass registration 

Step 7: Show up at least 45 minutes to an hour before the scheduled start of the scheduled masterclass. Failure to show-up will translate in a temporary ban from attending any other masterclass at AFRIFF 2022. 

List of Masterclasses and Workshops 

There are 11 masterclasses and workshops at AFRIFF 2022

         Reference                          Topic 

1       OSCARMASS1                     Oscars Student Academy Award Forum   

2       OSCARMASS2                    Oscars International Film Awards Forum 

3       NICKPRODMASS               Producers' Masterclass with Nick 

4       OBIDIRECTMASS               Directing Masterclass with Obi

5       RONYACTMASS                 Acting Masterclass with Ronya 

6       JEREMYACTMASS             Acting Masterclass with Jeremy

7       ENODRONEMASS              Drone Masterclass with Eno

8       LAWRENCEPRODMASS   Creating the First Feature Film

9        NFTMASS                             NFT Masterclass with Shawn 

10      PITCHTANK                         Pitch Presentation 

11       TUNDEWRITINGMASS    Writing Masterclass with Tunde 

12       RYAN&NIKMASS                Masterclass with Ryan Coogler & Nikyatu Jusu

13       MEDICSOUNDMASS         Creative Sound Masterclass with Nikola Medic 


Masterclasses Outline

Masterclasses Registration Are Closed 

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