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Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2023 submission deadline

AFRIFF 2023 submission deadline

AFRIFF 2023 submission deadline

In the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, a remarkable event is on the horizon, one that promises to be a beacon of creativity and a hub of groundbreaking narratives - the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2023. Slated to take place from the 5th to the 10th of November, with the grand Globe Awards ceremony happening on the 11th, the festival stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of African storytelling, having celebrated the best of African films and stories for over a decade. AFRIFF 2023 submission deadline is also fast approaching,.


This year, the festival takes a leap further by introducing the NEFTi Nigeria Competition and Awards, a golden opportunity for budding filmmakers to showcase their talent on a grand stage. Sponsored by NEFT, the Austrian-based beverage company, in collaboration with the International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA), a Monaco-based NGO, the competition promises to be a celebration of creativity, a nurturing ground for emerging talents, and a platform that fosters valuable exchanges of ideas and production connections.

The Application Process, Submission Deadline

Aspiring filmmakers are invited to register for a chance to be part of this groundbreaking initiative. Selected individuals will be gifted the funds to create a 5-minute movie that encapsulates the essence of the NEFT brand, an opportunity to showcase their creativity and ability to work under a thematic guideline.

The registration process closes on the 22nd of September, and a substantial reward is in place for the best narrative.

The Grand Prize

The competition stands as a golden opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their talent and potentially walk away with a grand prize of 5,000 USD. It is a platform that promises not just financial reward but a chance to be recognized and celebrated in a festival that has a rich history of promoting African narratives and bringing to light the stories that matter.

The Esteemed Panel of Judges

The NEFTi Nigeria Competition and Awards brings together a panel of renowned individuals from the film industry to judge the competition. This panel is graced by:

  • Vivica Fox: An accomplished actress, producer, and director known for her dynamic roles in film and television.

  • Femi Odugbemi: A seasoned filmmaker, writer, and producer who has significantly contributed to the Nigerian film industry.

  • Bruce Cohen: An Academy and Tony award-winning producer with a rich history in the film industry.

  • Ted Gagliano: The president of post-production at 21st Century Fox/Disney, bringing a wealth of experience to the panel.

  • Moreetsi Gabang: The winner of the 2023 NEFTi Africa award, a testament to excellence and creativity in filmmaking.

Collaborative Efforts for a Grand Event

The competition is not just a product of AFRIFF but a collaborative effort with IEFTA, an NGO based in Monaco that has worked with notable film festivals such as Berlinale, Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Tribeca, and now AFRIFF, to foster filmmaking talent across the world. This partnership promises to bring a rich diversity of ideas and narratives to the fore, enhancing the quality and reach of the competition.

The Grand Finale at AFRIFF 2023

As the crescendo of the NEFTi Nigeria Competition and Awards, the grand finale promises to be a spectacle of creativity and talent. The final films from the competition will be showcased at the AFRIFF 2023 event, a grand stage where the best of African cinema is celebrated.

Set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria, from November 5-10, with the prestigious Globe Awards on November 11, AFRIFF 2023, a place where the pulse of African storytelling beats the strongest. It is here that the winner of the competition will be announced, bringing to completion a journey of creativity, hard work, and artistic expression.

Attendees can expect a rich showcase of African narratives, with films that resonate with the heartbeat of the continent, telling stories that matter, stories that showcase the depth of African creativity and the vibrant spirit of its people.

As we anticipate this grand event, we invite filmmakers, enthusiasts, and all lovers of African cinema to mark their calendars for a festival that promises not just entertainment, but a deep dive into the world of African filmmaking, a world rich with stories waiting to be told

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