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Red Sea International Film Festival 
& the Red Sea Fund @ AFRIFF 2022


The Red Sea International Film Festival & The Red Sea Fund @ AFRIFF 2022 

In 2022, for its 11th edition, AFRIFF has joined hands with the Red Sea International Film Festival and the Red Sea Fund to share their common support for filmmaking especially across the MEA (Middle East & Africa region). Emad Eskandar (Head of Fund @ The Red Sea Fund) and Kaleem Aftab (Director of International Programming @ Red Sea International Film Festival are attending AFRIFF to host a session on November 8, 2022, to introduce the Red Sea International Film Festival to African and Diasporan Filmmakers as well as explaining how of the Red Sea Fund support creatives across the Africa and the Middle East. 


Every year, ten days of film, new and old – encounter the makers, learn from the masters, be inspired by the best. The 2022 theme of RedSeaIFF is "Film is Everything". 

The RedSeaIFF is a unique and powerful platform for celebrating film, connecting cultures, and expanding our horizons. Much more than a film-watching event — it’s a diverse and comprehensive platform that celebrates every facet of filmmaking.


These ideas of celebration, connection, and cultural exchange made their way into this year’s theme — “FILM IS EVERYTHING”. A bold, cinematic, progressive and cultural ten-day Festival for film lovers, storytellers, and industry professionals from around the globe.


The visual concept across all RedSeaIFF communication revolves around a very simple graphic — a projection. While it directly references film, it also acts as a versatile tool that sheds light on the endless facets of cinema.


The Red Sea International Film Festival is for film lovers, filmmakers, and the global film industry. See the blockbusters of the future before they hit the big screen. Discover old favorites with lovingly curated retrospectives and restored classics. Explore immersive audio-visual worlds and try something new with experimental and short film strands.


Supporting Development, Production, and Post-Production of Arab and African Films


with 100+ Projects, with 14 million US Dollars grants.

The Red Sea Fund is unleashing the biggest funding boost for the industry this year. Backing 100+ directors to bring their vision on the big screen, with grants totaling 14 million US dollars – supporting film projects from development to post-production.


Documentary, fiction, animation – episodic, shorts, and features – the Fund is looking out for filmmakers and the new exciting wave of films from the region, from development to post-production.

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