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Visa on Arrival Process

We welcome you to the 11th edition of AFRIFF. Attendance and participation is totally FREE courtesy of our partners.

Before you start, please make sure that you have the following documents available nearby: 

  • a copy of your passport datapage (or the page with your picture, date of issuance and expiration) 

  • a recent headshot in color and in a white background 

  • a copy of your flight booking 

  • a payment method  

Here is the three-parts process: 


Step 1: Request access the visa on arrival process page by sending an email to

Step 2: Fill out the general registration form with the required information 

Step 3: Receive an email from AFRIFF Team that confirms that all the required information and conditions are met to continue the process

Step 4 (A): You provided the right information: you should receive your  individual "AFRIFF Invitation Letter" 

Step 4 (B): You did not provide the right information, you therefore need to re-start the process, restart the registration process and provide the right information.

A follow-up list of steps is provided exclusively to attendees interested in getting their visa on arrival. In order to access that information, become a site member by clicking below. 

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