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Become a Media Partner

AFRIFF is always keen to discuss media partnerships. If you would like to talk to us with regards to a new partnership or the renewal of an existing or previous partnership, please fill in our form below. Once received, we will get back to you ASAP. Please provide as much information as possible within the further information box. 

AFRIFF Media Partnership strategy focuses on 4 key areas critical to success:  Branding, Marketing Campaigns, PR Campaigns, Websites and Social Media.


As a Media Partner we seek your assistance with outreach and PR activities.


This would generally entail (except otherwise agreed and other special agreements):

  • Sending periodic emails to your contacts and mailing lists, and promoting the event to your members / readership / viewership / audience  

  • Including stories and information about AFRIFF in your newsletter or mailings

  • Issuing press releases highlighting our collaboration

  • Making use of your social media channels to spread the word about AFRIFF;

  • Including the AFRIFF logo on your website, linking to AFRIFF website.


We will be sending you communications materials on a regular basis that you can use for this purpose. We expect you to cover at least 4 of the above-listed possibilities.


In return, we will do the following:

  • your membership / audience will benefit from a 10% discount on AFRIFF paid features (VIP Masterclasses / Workshops,  VIP parties and Merchandising) 

  • you will be highlighted on AFRIFF Website

  • we will include your logo and biography in AFRIFF app.

  • We will link directly to your company website from

  • you will be mentioned in our press releases.

  • you will also be mentioned in some of our social media communications. 

Depending on the case, AFRIFF will offer accommodation during the festival for the approved representative(s) of the media partner organization, who will be attending the festival. 

Submission: from January 3

Deadline: by or on October 20

Confirmation: within 30 days of the request 


Media Organizations (digital, tv, radio, print) 



Process: Submit your request below

This process is designed to make your user experience simple and seamless. Just check your email after hitting the "Submit Button" and see in your inbox or spams if you receive an email from AFRIFF Team. 

What type of?partnership ar you looking for?
Upload your company logo
Upload corporate profile
Upload proposal outline
Upload your 30" corporate video

Thanks for submitting your request. Check your email for a confirmation from AFRIFF Team.

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