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UCA partners with African International Film Festival

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) are thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership committed to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to thrive.

This collaboration will include short courses, masterclasses, exchanges of academic and technical staff, exchanges of students and study abroad programmes, collaborative research, and developmental projects and much more.

AFRIFF is a vital platform for both seasoned and emerging filmmakers on the African continent. The annual festival showcases the very best in African cinema, providing a space for filmmakers to connect, learn, and exhibit their work. AFRIFF aims to further empower African filmmakers by offering them access to world-class training and expertise via partner organisations such as UCA.

For over a century UCA has been committed to nurturing creative talent and being at the forefront higher education's arts provision. Across its UK campuses UCA offers exceptional courses in film and television production, animation, visual effects, and more. Their focus on fostering innovation and creativity aligns with AFRIFF's mission to promote and celebrate African cinema.

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