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Partners & Sponsors

We sincerely thank all of our sponsors who make such a wonderful festival a reality. Their generosity helps us put on the wide variety of AFRIFF events and activities for everyone to enjoy. We always welcome the opportunity to develop new partnerships, so get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor.

AFRIFF Partnership Strategy

AFRIFF’S partnership strategy over the years has been to build long term ‘relationships’ that deliver value for our partners/sponsors.


AFRIFF offers sponsors and partners a complimentary value offering that includes:

  • - Opportunity to immensely enjoy the publicity, spectacles and branding benefits and content possibilities that an event of such magnitude provides.

  • -Access Film Industry professionals from all over Africa, the African Diaspora and the world over, at an event that creates tremendous emotional value for the African entertainment industry.

AFRIFF is open to partnerships over a three to five year period.

Become a partner of one of the fast growing and most vibrant Film Festival in Africa.

We are open to partners who visionary and committed to the ideals of empowerment and creative engagement and who we believe and understand the tremendous developmental impact and value a project like AFRIFF bears as a powerful cultural platform which is better able to attract and
engage people in constructive activity and businesses essential for a prosperous local economy.

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