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The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) is the ultimate gathering of original storytellers and audiences seeking new voices in Cinema and fresh filmmaking perspectives. Our annual program includes dramatic, documentaries, features and short films; showcasing new creators, emerging trends in storytelling and cinematic expression from talents in Africa and the diaspora.

AFRIFF consistently delivers a rich programme to foster in valuable exchanges of ideas, production connections, and business relationships. It creates an exciting hub for entertainment industry professionals to make rewarding connections and has gradually gained a reputation as the most vibrant festival experience in Africa.


Since 2010, hundreds of films launched at the festival have gone on to gain critical acclaim and reach new audiences worldwide. Last year, for our 10th year anniversary, we were joined by over 500,000 film lovers from all over the world both physically and virtually to celebrate a decade of showcasing the best of African films and filmmakers; we explored great sessions around our theme: "Africans for Africa" … building global bridges. 

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