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Panel Discussions

Scheduled Panels from November 6, 2023

  • The Making of Nollywood Blockbuster 

  • The Making of a Hollywood Blockbuster 

  • Music in Films 

  • Film Financing: Equity Investors In Conversation with Filmmakers 

  • Story Telling: Indigenous for Global | The African Narrative

  • Understanding Representation: Agency vs Management

  • Understanding Content Profit Maximization (NFT etc)

  • Building stronger bridges: The Imperatives of forging a common front

  • Film Presentation: How to pitch your Film

  • How to start your Animation Journey

  • The Jewel Within: n Conversation with Africa

  • How Sound Scoring enhances storytelling


Fireside Chats 

Scheduled Panels from November 5, 2023

  • Wakanda Forever: The  Journey 

  • Breaking the Boundaries of Global Storytelling

  • The African Storytelling perspective

  • The Concept of Costuming for Films

  • Music Curation for Film

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