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Student Shorts

This is the list of student shorts to be screened at AFRIFF 2022

In Competition 


Angola Path | Directed by Albino Wacava, André Cupessala, António-Pedro (Angola)


The Text Allows No Interpretation | Directed by Ahmed Fouad Ragab (Egypt)

Trucage | Directed by Ahmed Abuzenada (Egypt)


Naima’s Voice | Directed by Sami Sirelkhatim (Morocco)


Yawa | Directed by David Jordan (Nigeria)

Ada | Directed by Michael Otteh (Nigeria)

Tales of the Browbeaten | Directed by Sebastien Ukwa (Nigeria)

South Africa

Delville Wood | Directed by Izette Blignaut, Connor Weidemann Mitchelle Weidemann (South Africa)

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