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Closing Film 

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THE ALMAJIRI  is based on true stories as it affects millions of children in Nigeria and other countries who are victims of trafficking and other forms of child slavery as we saw with Nafisat and Salihu, two young children who were separated from their parents from childhood by the cruel business of Alhaji Makarfi.


The gullible villagers believe him, love him and even revere him higher than the chiefs in the North.


He is showered with gifts, praise, some villagers even go the extra mile to sell their valuables to offer him bribes just to get their wards enlisted for his scholarship scheme, unknown to them that none of their children ever gets to see the wall of a school let alone have the liberty of pursuing a trade.


They are beaten, brainwashed and forced to become prostitutes, suicide bombers and ALMAJIRIS.






Richard Ayodeji Makun 

Segun Arinze 

Alexx Ekubo 

Annie Idibia 

Kanayo O. Kanayo


Toka McBaror 


Richard Ayodeji Makun 

Darlington Abuda 

Mabel Makun 

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