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Chioma Ude's AFRIFF and CANEX to Empower African Screenwriters through Script to Screen Project

Chioma Ude's AFRIFF and CANEX

Chioma Ude's AFRIFF and CANEX

The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) , which was founded by Ms Chioma Ude, announced on July 10th, 2023 its groundbreaking initiative, the SCRIPT TO SCREEN Project, aimed at empowering filmmakers and enhancing creative capacity in Africa, with a particular focus on screenwriting. In collaboration with the Africa Export-Import Bank (AFREXIM BANK) and its Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX), the AFRIFF|CANEX Script to Screen project is a year-long program designed to accelerate the development of content and provide training opportunities for African filmmakers, producers, and writers.

Under this initiative, AFRIFF and CANEX will offer participants access to industry experts, workshops on financial management, entertainment law, and distribution strategies. The program will also include writing and development residencies to foster the creation of quality and marketable content. By sharing best practices from both business and production perspectives, participants will gain the necessary expertise to thrive in the highly competitive film industry.

The AFRIFF|CANEX Script to Screen program will be delivered in four stages over 12 months, catering to different formats and genres. The first stage will select 20 participants, consisting of experienced writers well-versed in screenwriting for television series and feature-length films, as well as aspiring writers dedicated to pursuing a career in writing.

During the creative stage, participants will engage in workshops and labs focused on script development, character development, structure, and the protagonist's journey. This phase will primarily concentrate on creative development and dramaturgy.

In the technical stage, writing teams will be paired with mentors who are both writers and producers. Together, they will review scripted projects and prepare them for the next stage of the program.

The final stages will cover financial aspects and distribution strategies. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of project requirements for pitching and commissioning. Additionally, they will explore various distribution channels, such as networks, streaming platforms, television channels, and studios, to maximize the reach and impact of their developed projects.

The inaugural AFRIFF|CANEX Script to Screen Programme is set to commence in July 2023.

Expressing her gratitude towards the partners, AFRIFF founder and festival director, Ms. Chioma Ude, emphasized the importance of AFREXIM BANK's ongoing support. She stated, "The collaboration between AFRIFF and AFREXIM BANK not only strengthens the African creative industry but also amplifies our shared values in promoting greater creative business opportunities on the continent."

AFREXIM BANK acknowledged the positive contributions of AFRIFF to the growth of the film industry in Africa. As a launchpad for creative talents, AFRIFF continues to connect filmmakers to opportunities and inspire endless possibilities within the industry.

About Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) Founded by Chioma Ude

Founded by Chioma Ude, AFRIFF is a leading film festival in Africa that serves as a platform for showcasing and celebrating African cinema. With a focus on promoting African talents and fostering collaborations, AFRIFF plays a vital role in advancing the African film industry.

Over its past ten editions AFRIFF has truly become an exciting celebration of Cinema and filmmaking talent from Africa and the diaspora under Chioma Ude. It has attained a strategic importance in the film business community in the region. Its contacts and key relationships across Africa, has catalyzed the demand from local and international film business interests for AFRIFF to stand in the infrastructure deficiency gap that exists within the region. It is deliberate in its commitment to foster invaluable exchanges of ideas, production connections, and business relationships that deliver value, build capacity and create wealth.

AFRIFF’s commitment to the socio-economic transformation of African creatives necessitates proactive collaboration and strategic relationships that leverage every opportunity to invest in promoting greater voice and expression for content makers on the continent. our core goals are to build capacity locally and create a “Skills” revolution that will immensely impact the economic fortunes of African creators. In the last decade, AFRIFF has imparted positively to the huge success of films and film practitioners in Africa while consistently training new talents towards consistent growth for the near future.

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