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Welcome to AFRIFF
Africa International Film Festival

Festival: 5-10 November 2023
Globe Awards: 11 November 2023





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The Africa International Film Festival in 2023 
AFRIFF is an international film showcase that presents an immersion into the world of filmmaking, with participation from all over Africa and the diaspora. AFRIFF is positioned as the largest annual appointment for African filmmakers in the region, celebrating the best African films and stories for 11 years and counting. 

AFRIFF 12 is a deliberate intervention to foster valuable exchanges of ideas, production connections and business relationships that deliver value, build capacity and create wealth. It has leveraged its networks to attain strategic relevance in the African screen sector which, has catalyzed the demand from local and international film stakeholders for AFRIFF to lead in the identification of sector specific deficiencies, and in the implementation of evidence-based interventions across the continent.

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