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Visa Obtention

You have completed Part 1 and Part 2 of the visa on arrival process, so now, this what happens next!!! 


Step 12: After landing, and exiting the plane, go to the Visa On Arrival Section before the Immigration Gates 

Step 13: Fill out the Immigration form 

Step 14: Present your passport, your Visa on Arrival confirmation, your Nigerian Centre for Disease Control results, your flight booking and the Immigration form

Step 15: Wait your turn to finalize the process with the immigration officials

Step 16: Get your passport back with the visa on it 

Step 17: Go to the Immigration Gate, get your visa stamped 

Step 18: Go to the Baggage Claim, get your luggage

Step 19: Go meet AFRIFF Team at the Airport or book your Uber to take you to your accommodation in the city 

Step 20: Meet us at AFRIFF, at Landmark Centre in Victoria Island.  

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