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Welcome to AFRIFF

We've got here all the information you need to travel to Lagos, find a place to stay, attend the festival and enjoy the city life. 


You may want us to help with getting your visa sorted. We can facilitate the visa on arrival procedure, provided that you take the necessary steps to make that happen. Click on the red box below if you want us to handle your visa on arrival process. 

If you are handling things on your own, we invite you to scroll down to get even more relevant information on travel options, accommodation s (hotels & others), traditional visa procedures, and more about the fabulous city of Lagos.  

Apply for your visa on arrival here
Image by Evans Akanno
Image by Seun Idowu
Image by Zenith Wogwugwu
Image by Babatunde Olajide

Ụgbọ njem

Gaa Mere Dị Mfe

Ụlọ oriri na ọṅụṅụ & Nlegharị anya

Ihe Ị Chọrọ

Ebe obibi

Naanị ihe ị chọrọ

Ebe obibi

Naanị ihe ị chọrọ

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