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Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2023

International Film Festival

Africa International Film Festival

The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2023 is gearing up to be a monumental event in the world of African cinema. Scheduled for November 2023, the festival is an opportunity for emerging and established filmmakers across Africa and the diaspora to come together. This year's festival is marked by the groundbreaking initiative, the Script to Screen Project, aimed at empowering filmmakers and enhancing creative capacity, particularly in screenwriting.

A Peek Into The Past

Before getting into AFRIFF 2023, we will be taking a trip down memory lane to celebrate the talent that shone in the last Film festival.

The 2022 AFRIFF boasted an impressive lineup of films, with notable award winners from various categories, including Best Student Short, Best Animation, Best Short, Best Documentary Africa, Audience Choice Award, and more.

The Vision Behind AFRIFF 2023

Under the visionary leadership of Ms Chioma Ude, AFRIFF is set to transform the landscape of African cinema. The festival promises to be an unforgettable celebration of African creativity, embracing diverse storytelling, and providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers alike. The theme, "Africans for Africa," emphasizes the power of storytelling in building global bridges and fostering understanding.

Empowering African Filmmakers

AFRIFF partners with the African Export Import Bank (Afreximbank) through its Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX) program to empower filmmakers and writers alike. The "Script to Screen" intervention is a year-long incubator, capacity development, and content creation acceleration program. It aims to enhance the abilities of African creatives to produce high-quality screen content and facilitates valuable networking opportunities with international studios and streamers.

The Vibrancy of the African Film Festival

AFRIFF has garnered a reputation as the most vibrant festival experience in Africa. Over the years, a good number of films showcased at the festival have received critical acclaim and reached global audiences. Last year's 10th-anniversary celebration saw over 100,000 film enthusiasts from around the world participate physically and virtually.

Anticipation for AFRIFF 2023

As November 2023 approaches, the anticipation for AFRIFF continues to grow. The festival promises to showcase the very best of African cinema, celebrate the creativity of African filmmakers, and foster meaningful connections within the industry.

Highlights of AFRIFF 2023

Here is a breakdown of what attendees can expect to see and experience at AFRIFF 2023.

Film Submissions:

Filmmakers from all over Africa and the diaspora are invited to submit their films for AFRIFF 2023. The festival provides a platform for both established and emerging talents to showcase their work.

Partnership with CANEX:

AFRIFF 2023 has partnered with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) through its Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX) program. This partnership will launch a year-long incubator, capacity development, and content creation acceleration program focused on African filmmakers, producers, and writers.

Masterclasses & Workshops:

AFRIFF offers masterclasses and workshops anchored by accomplished writers and filmmakers. These sessions include development residencies, workshops on financial management, business skills, entertainment law, IP, and distribution strategies.

Screenings & E-Cinema:

The festival will feature screenings of selected films, providing an opportunity for filmmakers to reach a broader audience. The E-Cinema experience will allow viewers to explore and enjoy a diverse range of films.

Parties & Entertainment:

AFRIFF is known for its energetic and exciting parties and entertainment. Networking and connecting with industry professionals is a significant part of the festival experience.


The festival will be held at the Landmark Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Impact of AFRIFF

The Africa International Film Festival has leveraged its networks to attain strategic relevance in the global movie screen sector. AFRIFF has catalyzed the demand from local and international film stakeholders to lead in various aspects of the industry.


The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2023 is more than just a film festival; it's a movement that celebrates African cinema and promotes original storytelling. With initiatives like the Script to Screen Project, AFRIFF is not only showcasing films but also nurturing the next generation of African filmmakers. The international film festival is a testament to the creative genius of filmmakers from across Africa and the diaspora, and it's an event that unites us across continents and cultures. We can’t wait to see you there.

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