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Top 10 film industries in Africa

Top 10 film industries in Africa

Film industries in Africa


The African film industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, transcending borders and captivating audiences worldwide. With a wealth of talent, creativity, and diverse storytelling, Africa's film industries have firmly established themselves on the global stage. In this article, we explore the top 10 film industries in Africa, showcasing their impressive movie-producing capabilities, high-quality production, and growing popularity in the industry.

Nollywood - The Trailblazing Giant

Topping the list is Nigeria, home to Nollywood, the second-largest film industry globally in terms of movie production. With an average revenue of $15.32 million, Nollywood boasts an astonishing output of about 2,500 films annually, second only to India's Bollywood. Nollywood's influence extends far beyond the African continent, with its unique storylines and talented actors captivating audiences worldwide.

Ghana (Ghallywood) - The Rising Star

Ranked second on our list is Ghana, whose movie industry, Ghallywood, has been steadily gaining popularity. With an average revenue of $1.1 million, Ghallywood showcases the rich culture and traditions of Ghana through high-quality productions. Collaborations with Nollywood have further elevated Ghana's film industry, attracting attention from both local and international viewers.

South Africa - The Global Competitor

South Africa's film industry is a force to be reckoned with, boasting diverse storytelling, stunning landscapes, and top-notch production capabilities. Although specific revenue data wasn't available, the South African film industry has made its mark on the international scene, attracting filmmakers from around the world. Its movies often tackle significant social issues, resonating with audiences both at home and abroad.

Kenya (Riverwood) - The Voice of East Africa

Riverwood, Kenya's film industry, ranks fourth on our list, with an average revenue of $4.7 million. Kenya's filmmakers are known for their unique approach to addressing pressing social issues, such as corruption, poverty, and HIV/AIDS. The industry's steady growth reflects the increasing demand for East African stories on the big screen.

Tanzania (Swahiliwood) - Celebrating Culture and Tradition

Swahiliwood, Tanzania's film industry, secures the fifth spot, with an average revenue of $0.7 million. Overcoming past challenges, the industry now portrays Tanzania's rich culture and traditions with compelling narratives. The recent revitalization of the movie sector has garnered a devoted following, especially in the Northern African region.

Uganda (Ugawood) - The Art of Innovation

Uganda's film industry, known as Ugawood, holds the sixth position with an average revenue of $0.5 million. Despite a relatively smaller output, Ugawood's filmmakers have embraced innovation and creativity, with notable works like "Who Killed Captain Alex?" and "The Girl in the Yellow Jumper" that resonate with international audiences and garnered acclaim within and beyond Africa.

Ethiopia - Unveiling Rich History and Culture

Ethiopia's film industry ranks seventh, with an average revenue of $0.9 million. Ethiopian filmmakers have masterfully showcased the country's rich history and culture, presenting captivating narratives that attract audiences across East Africa. The industry's growth has made a significant contribution to Ethiopia's cultural representation on the global stage.

Zambia - Addressing Social Issues

Zambia's film industry secures the eighth position, with an average revenue of $0.5 million. Zambian filmmakers have embraced their role as storytellers, tackling relevant social issues such as gender-based violence and corruption. Their movies speak strongly to issues within the Southern African region.

Cameroon (Collywood) - Cameroon's Cinematic Excellence

Collywood, the renowned movie industry of Cameroon, has solidified its position as one of Africa's most significant film industries. With award-winning films like "Tears of the Sun" and "Price of Liberty," Collywood has become a powerhouse in African cinema. Its unique storytelling, high-quality production, and engagement with societal issues have earned it critical acclaim and a devoted global audience.

Egypt - A Rich Legacy in Cinema

Egypt's film industry secures the final spot on our list, with an average revenue of $0.3 million. Egypt boasts a long-standing legacy in cinema, producing iconic movies that have left an indelible mark on African and Middle Eastern audiences. Despite facing challenges, Egyptian filmmakers continue to create works of high artistic quality, appealing to diverse audiences.


The top 10 film industries in Africa have shown exceptional growth, creativity, and resilience. From Nigeria's Nollywood to South Africa's globally competitive scene, each industry contributes uniquely to the rich tapestry of African storytelling. As these film industries continue to evolve and expand, their valuable contributions to the world of cinema will undoubtedly shape the future of storytelling and entertainment. With growing revenue and increasing popularity, African movies are poised to captivate audiences worldwide, cementing Africa's position as a vibrant and essential player in the global film industry.

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